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Tale of Two Hemispheres

Interesting split in SST temperatures for the Northern Hemisphere vs. the Southern Hemisphere.  The Northern Hemisphere SST anomaly is predominately warmer than normal while the Southern Hemisphere appears to be mostly cooler than normal. NOAA Global SST Anomaly https://www.ospo.noaa.gov/data/sst/anomaly/2019/anomnight.8.8.2019.gif   … Continue reading

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What is the greenhouse effect?

What is meant by the greenhouse effect? What is the greenhouse effect and how does it affect our climate? The sun is the primary source of energy here on the earth.  Heat generated from the earth’s interior (geothermal heat) is … Continue reading

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What’s the weather like cruising the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico during February?

If you are planning a cruise or will be sailing during the month of February check out what weather to expect in the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea.    Wind Over the Caribbean during February winds tend to be … Continue reading

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What’s the weather like cruising the Caribbean during December?

Wind Over the Caribbean during December winds tend to be mostly from the east or northeast averaging forces 4-5 (11-21 knots).  Over the Gulf of Mexico winds tend to be more variable but still averaging mostly forces 4-5 (11-21 knots).  … Continue reading

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Rapidly deepening storm forecast off New England by early Monday

A rapidly deepening low is forecast to move off the southern coast of New England late Sunday night and Monday (Feb 12th-13th) producing storm force winds west and south of the center of 50-65 knots from late Monday through Tuesday  … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the 2016 Hurricane Season

The extended 500 mb height anomalies forecast (via weatherbell.com) suggest strong blocking likely over the northeastern part of North America during the peak of the 2016 hurricane season.  This blocking was prevalent during 2005 when we set a record for … Continue reading

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Recent SOI values suggest rapid end to El Nino

The SOI measures the difference in surface air pressure between Tahiti and Darwin. Sustained positive SOI values above about +8 indicate a La Niña event while sustained negative values below about –8 indicate an El Niño. Positive values indicate enhanced … Continue reading

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