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Global temperatures may fall as the El Nino weakens

The past year’s strong El Nino started to heat the tropical atmosphere starting last spring with the global temperatures following later as the heat was redistributed around the globe. The tropical temperatures peaked in early January with the global temperatures … Continue reading

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1950 Super Storm Remembered

I was only 2 years old at the time but still have some hazy distant memory of a storm that may have initiated my interest in meteorology later in life. I was living in Passaic, NJ at the time in … Continue reading

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Recent SOI values suggest rapid end to El Nino

The SOI measures the difference in surface air pressure between Tahiti and Darwin. Sustained positive SOI values above about +8 indicate a La Niña event while sustained negative values below about –8 indicate an El Niño. Positive values indicate enhanced … Continue reading

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Mariner’s Guide to Ocean Waves

There are five types of ocean waves: 1. Wind generated 2. Tides 3. Seiches 4. Tsunamis 5. Pressure induced 1. Wind-Generated Wind-generated waves are the most common waves found on the ocean and are the result from stress on the … Continue reading

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