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1950 Super Storm Remembered

I was only 2 years old at the time but still have some hazy distant memory of a storm that may have initiated my interest in meteorology later in life. I was living in Passaic, NJ at the time in … Continue reading

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Recent SOI values suggest rapid end to El Nino

The SOI measures the difference in surface air pressure between Tahiti and Darwin. Sustained positive SOI values above about +8 indicate a La Niña event while sustained negative values below about –8 indicate an El Niño. Positive values indicate enhanced … Continue reading

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Strong High Pressure to Build off East Coast

Building high pressure will be moving off the New England and Canadian Maritime coasts 25th and 26th which will produce a large area of strong to gale force winds over the southwestern North Atlantic.  

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What is the role of the oceans in Global Warming/Climate Change?

  There has been much press and controversy in recent years about global warming or climate change.  Opinions range from doomsday scenarios to absolute disbelief.  As a meteorologist (not climatologist), I say that the truth is somewhere in between these … Continue reading

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Tropical Storm Kate deepens

Tropical Storm Kate continues to deepen as it moves northeastward over the southwestern North Atlantic.  As of 15Z/10th Nov Kate had max winds of about 60 knots however 50 knot or higher winds only extend outward 10-20 NM and only … Continue reading

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North Pacific Hurricane Force Storm Low

A rapidly deepening storm low over the north-central  North Pacific will move east northeastward towards the Aleutian Islands producing winds of 50-65 knots and significant wave heights to 15 meters (about 49 feet).     Below are the 48 hour NOAA surface … Continue reading

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Gulf Low moves northeast while TD develops over Bahamas

The low pressure disturbance over the Gulf of Mexico and the associated frontal trough continues to produce strong to gale force winds north and west of the low and front.  Meanwhile a developing tropical disturbance just north of the Turks … Continue reading

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TC Megh Update

Tropical Cyclone Megh as of 18Z 07 November 2015 was 465 NM south west of Masirah Island  and was moving westward at 11 knots with max winds of about 90 knots.  Presently hurricane force winds extend outward only about 15 … Continue reading

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Storm over Labrador Sea & Gale in the Gulf

A developing storm low over the Labrador Sea will produce winds of 40-55 knots  and seas to 30 feet within 480 NM south of the center.  At the same time a develping sub-tropical low over the southwestern Gulf of Mexico … Continue reading

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Gales of November

On November 10, 1975 the Great Lakes bulk cargo vessel SS Edmund Fitzgerald carrying a cargo of taconite pellets (iron-bearing flint-like rock used in steelmaking) sank with the loss of all 29 crewmembers in eastern Lake Superior about 17 miles from the … Continue reading

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