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What is the greenhouse effect?

What is meant by the greenhouse effect? What is the greenhouse effect and how does it affect our climate? The sun is the primary source of energy here on the earth.  Heat generated from the earth’s interior (geothermal heat) is … Continue reading

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Hurricane Force Storm over North Pacific producing 17 meter waves

An intense 937 mb storm over the west-central North Pacific is producing winds of 60-75 knots and significant wave heights to 17 meters (about 56 feet) within 90 to 240 nm southwest of the center and within 120 nm northeast … Continue reading

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What’s the weather like cruising the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico during February?

If you are planning a cruise or will be sailing during the month of February check out what weather to expect in the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea.    Wind Over the Caribbean during February winds tend to be … Continue reading

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