Typhoon Chanthu threatens West Pacific Shipping

Typhoon Chanthu IR satellite image NOAA

Typhoon Chanthu has been downgraded from a super typhoon, however it is still packing winds to 120 knots with gusts to 145 knots.  Chanthu is moving NNE (015) at 7 knots. Chanthu is currently located south of Taipei, Taiwan and is producing significant wave heights to 48 feet (about 14.5 meters).


Chanthu is forecast to continue northward for the next 48 hours but may track somewhat more to the west due to interaction with the high mountains on Taiwan.  Presently the eye is expected to remain off the east coast of Taiwan.   After 48 hours, the track becomes more uncertain as weakening steering winds may result in Chanthu becoming semi-stationary for a time and could pass near or over Shanghai before turning eastward. 

Typhoon Chanthu forecast track via Joint Typhoon Warning Center


Given the shipping delays due to Covid and previous weather events, a slow moving storm along the coast of China could result in additional massive delays adding to what is already huge backlog of vessels loading cargo in China to US West Coast and European ports. 


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