Severe Flooding Disrupts Operations at Port Klang

TD 29 bring heavy rains to Malaysia

Tropical Depression 29 developed over the South China Sea December 16th and moved west  near 4 N latitude, crossing Malaysia on the 17th after making landfall south of Kertch (north of Singapore).  Due to the proximity to the equator, this system did not develop into a named tropical cyclone.

Port Klang

Very heavy rainfall associated with TD 29 caused flooding that severely disrupted operations at the Port Klang which is located on the Strait of Malacca northwest of Singapore and is the 12th busiest container port in the world.  Port Klang is a trans-shipment port in the trade from Asia to Europe and will add to the many shipping delays already affecting the world economy. 


Flooding from TD 29

The flooding affected warehouses, empty container depots and access roads. In addition, many port workers were able to get to work due to flooded roadways.  

The Malaysian government has classified the storm as a once-per-century event.

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