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Potential Tropical Cyclone Two nearing Caribbean

Potential Tropical Cyclone Two continues to produce vigorous deep convection and also exhibits some banding features, however, reports from an Air Force Hurricane Hunter aircraft indicate that there is no well-defined center of circulation.  Continue reading

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How’s the Weather Cruising the North Atlantic during July?

During the month of July, the Azores to Bermuda High dominates the North Atlantic weather extending from the North Sea to the Gulf of Mexico with a mean center near 35N/35W.    Storm tracks have shifted north of 50 North latitude, except for one primary track from off the Carolina Coast northeastward towards the Denmark Strait.  Continue reading

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How’s the Weather cruising the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico during July?

Easterly winds mostly Beaufort force 4 (11-16 knots) prevail this month, except forces 4-5 (11-21 knots) prevail over the central Caribbean north of Columbia. Over the southwestern Caribbean the wind will back east to northeast and diminish to forces 3-4 (7-16 knots) and over the northwestern Caribbean, winds tend to be from the east forces 3-4 (7-16 knots).  Continue reading

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