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Late July Heavy Rains and Flooding in the Midwest

Heavy rain fell north of a stationary front (a boundary between warm humid air and cooler air to the north) across southern Missouri and Illinois, and eastward into Kentucky. Strong low-level winds (around 5,000 feet) brought in high amounts of low-level moisture which interacted with the front and with an upper-level jet stream to the north and produced a mesoscale convective system (complex of thunderstorms moving across the same area for more than 6 hours). Continue reading

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Heat Wave in Western Europe tied to Sea Temperatures?

Another heat wave is currently developing over Western Europe and the media are pointing the finger at climate change but more likely are a result of a growing area of negative sea surface temperature (SST) anomaly that has developed over the eastern North Atlantic ocean which has a tendency to enhance undulations in the jet stream.

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Tropical Storm Bonnie forms over Southwestern Caribbean

The disturbance that has been tracking across the southern Caribbean Sea has intensified into Tropical Storm Bonnie based on an Air Force Reserve Hurricane Hunter finding a well-defined circulation center located about 100 n mi east of the Nicaragua coast. … Continue reading

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