Typhoon Koinu has rapidly strengthened southeast of Taiwan

IR Satellite Image Typhoon Koinu

Typhoon Koinu has intensified rapidly southeast of Taiwan with max winds now to 110 kts and significant wave heights to 10.5 meters (34-35 ft). Typhoon force winds extend outward 85 nm to the southeast, 45 nm to the northeast and 55-65 nm to the west. 





Koinu is moving NW at 5 kts with a 15 nm eye. Koinu may be near its peak intensity as the system is moving into an area of increasing wind shear and dry air entrainment. 

After about 24 hours Koinu is forecast to turn more towards the west, reaching southern Taiwan around 1800 UTC on the 4th then passing near Kaohsiung about 6-9 hours later before emerging out over the Taiwan Strait.

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