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Late July Heavy Rains and Flooding in the Midwest

Heavy rain fell north of a stationary front (a boundary between warm humid air and cooler air to the north) across southern Missouri and Illinois, and eastward into Kentucky. Strong low-level winds (around 5,000 feet) brought in high amounts of low-level moisture which interacted with the front and with an upper-level jet stream to the north and produced a mesoscale convective system (complex of thunderstorms moving across the same area for more than 6 hours). Continue reading

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Severe Flooding Disrupts Operations at Port Klang

Tropical Depression 29 developed over the South China Sea December 16th and moved west  near 4 N latitude, crossing Malaysia on the 17th after making landfall south of Kertch (north of Singapore).  Due to the proximity to the equator, this … Continue reading

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