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Ocean Weather Services provides forensic marine weather analysis reports for Admiralty Lawyers and Marine Insurers.  In addition, we provide accurate ocean storm and hurricane tracking services as well as global ocean weather  routing services to the maritime industry. 

What We Do:

Marine Weather Event Post Analysis
Detailed analysis of actual weather and sea conditions reported at or near a given geographical location whether offshore, near-shore or in port or inland.
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Voyage Performance Reconstruction
Reconstruct the actual marine weather conditions and ocean currents encountered during a ship’s voyage with a comparison with the Ship’s Log entries.

  • Charter Party Speed & Consumption disputes
  • Deviation claims
  • Cargo loss or damage claims
  • Crew or passenger injuries

Past Weather Records
Certified copies of actual weather observations and weather analysis charts.

Marine Climatology
Review weather risks for marine operations at sea, along the coast or in port.

Tropical Cyclone Forecasts
Contact us today regarding the daily tropical notification service that provides your vessel updates on any tropical system that may threaten your voyage anywhere in the Atlantic or Pacific.

Optimum Ship Routing

Optimum ship routing is the art and science of developing the “best route” for a ship based on the existing weather forecasts, ship characteristics, ocean currents and special cargo requirements. For most transits this will mean the minimum transit time that avoids significant risk to the vessel, crew and cargo.

Vessel Performance Analysis and Monitoring

Vessel performance monitoring services allow a ship operator, owner or charterer to get a daily performance analysis regarding a vessel’s speed and fuel consumption based on the charter-party specifications and the actual weather and currents encountered.

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