What is Vessel Performance Analysis and Performance Monitoring?

Vessel Performance Monitoring

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Vessel performance monitoring services allow a ship operator, owner or charterer to get a daily performance analysis regarding a vessel’s speed and fuel consumption based on the charter-party specifications and the actual weather and currents encountered in near real-time. Although no weather or routing advice is offered, alerts can be generated to the vessel owner, operator or charterer whenever a performance issue is discovered while underway so that the charterer or vessel operator/owner has a “heads-up” on performance issues prior to the ship’s arrival.

Detailed Voyage Performance Analysis Report 

At the end of the voyage, a full “Voyage Performance Evaluation Report” can be generated to offer a more detailed look at the actual performance or non-performance of the vessel.  This report will look at several factors, including the charter party terms, the actual speed and consumption, whether the vessel was in ballast or in a laden condition and the actual wind, sea, swell and ocean currents encountered.  In addition, the performance during “good weather conditions” as specified in a charter party agreement is often reviewed separately.  This type of report can allow a charter to withhold hire or gives the owner/operator a better opportunity to negotiate a settlement or head-off an unwarranted speed claim. 

The goal of the Post Voyage Performance Analysis is to reduce costly disputes regarding the vessel’s performance vs. the contracted charter party obligations.  This will include a general overview of performance in terms of time gained or lost, as well as FO/DO over/under consumption as well as performance in verified good weather conditions. 

 Section 1  Charter Party Details:
Summary of the C/P speed and fuel consumption clauses

Section 2 Overall Vessel Performance Summary:
Summary of daily speed and consumption with wind, wave and relative ocean currents encountered plus an overall analysis of performance after accounting for the effects of wind, wave and ocean currents with overall time gained or lost.

Section 3  Good Weather Performance Analysis
Summary of time, speed and distances during periods of verified good weather conditions, including the total time gained or lost during those good weather days. 

Section 4  Fuel Consumption Summary
Summary of daily fuel consumption and the calculated total over/under consumption based on the C/P warranted consumption. 




Vessel Performance Analysis















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