Hurricane Lee Heading for Landfall in Atlantic Canada

Hurricane Lee Visual Satellite

Hurricane Lee remains a very large hurricane over the western Atlantic with max winds near 70 knots and moving north-northeast at 16 knots. 

Hurricane force winds extend out 90 nm to the northeast and 70 nm to the southwest.  50 knot winds extend out 160-170 nm to the east and 110-150 nm to the west.  Maximum significant wave heights are estimated near 14 meters (46 feet).

Lee is expected to make landfall in Atlantic Canada in 24 to 36 hours.  After landfall, Lee is forecast to accelerate to the northeast. Wind shear and colder sea temperatures will weaken Lee which is forecast to become extratropical by landfall with max winds of 55-60 knots.

NOAA NHC Hurricane Lee Forecast Track

Heavy rainfall from Lee could produce localized urban and small stream flooding in eastern Maine into portions of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia from tonight into Saturday night.

A Hurricane Watch is in effect for:  New Brunswick from the U.S./Canada border to Point Lepreau, including Grand Manan Island, Nova Scotia from Digby to Ecum Secum.

A Tropical Storm Warning is in effect for: Bermuda, Westport Massachusetts northward to the U.S./Canada border, Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket, New Brunswick from the U.S./Canada border to Fort Lawrence, including Grand Manan Island, Nova Scotia from Fort Lawrence to Point Tupper.

Risk for Wind Speeds of 50 knots (58 mph)

Risk of encountering damaging 50 knot (58 mph) winds currently are:

Nantucket:  near zero
Bar Harbor: less than 5%
Eastport:  30-35%
St John, NB: 45 %
Yarmouth, NS: 70-75%
Halifax, NS: 5-10%

Latest NOAA NHC Advisory

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One Response to Hurricane Lee Heading for Landfall in Atlantic Canada

    Lee is now an extratropical storm producing strong winds, coastal flooding, and heavy rains. Max winds remain near 65 knots as it moves north at 19 knots. Hurricane force winds extend outward 110-0120 nm but only in the southern semi-circle. 50 knot winds extend out 1340-140 nm from the center. Max waves are estimated to be about 13 meters (42 feet).

    Latest NHC Advisory:

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