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Thousands Dead in Wake of Storm Daniel in Libya

A storm system that moved southeast from the Mediterranean Sea across Libya caused heavy rains which burst two dams which set-off a 7 meter (23 ft) wall of water which destroyed large parts of Derna this past weekend. The disaster was caused, in part, by old and crumbling infrastructure as much as the storm itself.  Continue reading

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Floods in Italy force thousands of people to leave their homes

Intense rainfall in mid-May resulted in severe flooding in the northern Italian region of Emilia-Romagna displacing over 30,000 people and killing 14.  Continue reading

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Record Rainfall in Fort Lauderdale

Reord rainfall in Fort Lauderdale. A stationary supercell thunderstorm that centered itself near Fort Lauderdale, Florida produced prolonged periods of 3+ inch hourly rainfalls creating widespread flooding. Continue reading

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Severe Flooding Disrupts Operations at Port Klang

Tropical Depression 29 developed over the South China Sea December 16th and moved west  near 4 N latitude, crossing Malaysia on the 17th after making landfall south of Kertch (north of Singapore).  Due to the proximity to the equator, this … Continue reading

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Tampa Bay Hurricane Storm Surge Scenarios

While no storm scenario is a good one for the Tampa Bay area, the worst case is when the hurricane center is located north of the Tampa Bay entrance such that the maximum winds associated with the eye wall occur at the mouth of the bay with storms making landfall farther north result in lower surges. Continue reading

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